Lord Doddlington’s Interview

Lord Doddlington gave an interview. It’s unbelievable how the man twisted the facts. Don’t believe a word of it! My book will tell you what really happened.

Charles Mayford

Lord Doddlington, you have joined Mrs Anna M. Starke’s expedition to Egypt.

That is not correct. Mrs Starke had the idea for an expedition to Egypt. However, she lacked the necessary financial resources and a clear schedule. I have therefore decided to take part in the Anarch… Archolag… in the journey and have provided the missing capital. I am leading the expedition with Mrs Starke.

How did your acquaintance with Lord Mayford influence the expedition?

Not at all. I expect him to bear his travel expenses himself!

Of course. The question was more about your wager with Lord Mayford.

That it came to the wager is unfortunate and entirely Lord Mayford’s fault. Of course, as a gentleman, I’m bound to it.

How did the wager come about?

It was my intention to encourage Lord Mayford to take part in the expedition. He, however, made his lack of interest more than clear – and questioned my experience just because I have never taken such a trip. Even without the wager, I would have joined Mrs Starke’s group … I think.

So, you and Lord Mayford will be traveling to Egypt with different groups. What do you expect there?

Nothing! I will get there before Lord Mayford and win the wager.

How are you preparing for the trip?

Mrs Starke has put together two lists – one for the personal equipment of all travellers and one for items that are also needed on the expedition. She said all items are indispensable. As the leader of the expedition, I told my butler to get the things.

What is your travel itinerary?

From here to Egypt. At the moment, I cannot be any more precise … I will say no more, as you will be printing all of this and Lord Mayford would know my plans.

Lord Doddlington, thank you for your time.